You can't beat the smell of freshly popped Popcorn or the taste of fresh Candy Floss on a stick.

'Popcorn & Candy Floss'

We offer several popcorn flavours from Bacon  to Caramel and Spicy Chicken to Strawberry... the list is endless and growing all the time.  Candy Floss freshly spun on a stick

'Warm Nacho's'
h American/Cinema style Cheese Sauce, Salsa, Sout Cream, Guacamole and Jalepno Peppers as standard.
(Chilli and Grated Cheese can be added)

Warm Mashed Potato served in Martini Glasses with a choice of toppings i.e. Sour Cream & Chive, Gravy, Bacon Bits

Hotdogs with onions served in fresh buns with Tomato Sauce, BBQ Sauce and Mustard.

Belgian Waffles made fresh to order with a variety of toppings  i.e. Fruit, Mini Fudge, Strawberries, Toffee Sauce, Chocolate and Cream to name a few.

Crepes made to order with a variety of toppings, we can offer sweet or savoury Crepes - you can mix the two

'Mr Whippy Style Ice Cream'
Soft Serve Ice Cream with Juices and Sprinkles, we can now offer flavour choices.

'Hot Chocolate & Treats'
Warm Hot Chocolate with all the trimmings and a selection of treats
to accompany i.e. mini donuts, cookies, gingerbread men.

'Chocolate Fountain'
Good old reliable Chocolate Fountain, been around for a while but still a great favourite,
with a choice of treats to smother in chocolate.

'Chocolate Mallows'
Giant Mallows or fruit and mallow skewered kebabs, dipped in the most amazing chocolate that sets in seconds...just enough time to dip into your favourite sprinkle i.e. Oreo, Mini Fudge, Fizzy Lemon to name a few.

'Fudge Puppy/Waffle on a Stick'
Fudge Puppy/Waffle on a Stick, made fresh to order and smothered in Chocolate with your favourite syrup/sauce or sprinkle to finish it off.

'Frozen Yogurt'
Fat Free...YES...Fat Free frozen yogurt, a delicious creamy alternative to Ice Cream in satisfying flavours, Mango & Passion Fruit, Mixed Berry or just Natural.  Why not offer it as an Ice Cream option and have half and half!!!!

Minimum Guest Requirements and Delivery charges may apply

Why not mix and match our services to offer a variety to suit guests of all ages,  just contact us for a quote!              




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