2018 Wedding Fayres - January

posted 23 Feb 2012, 15:39 by Louise Fletcher   [ updated 14 Apr 2018, 05:04 ]

You will be able to sample our wares at the following venues:-
15th April - White Hart Inn, Moorwood Moor    22nd April - Ringwood Hall, Chesterfield     29th April - Kenwood Hall, Sheffield    20th May - Hotel Van Dykes, Clowne, Chesterfield

Chocolate Kebab.....

posted 23 Feb 2012, 15:38 by Louise Fletcher   [ updated 14 Apr 2018, 05:08 ]

Yes we did it.....after much deliberation we decided to just go with it, it is now here and available to hire.... please just ask for prices.

2017 Sign Off......

posted 23 Feb 2012, 15:37 by Louise Fletcher   [ updated 14 Apr 2018, 05:05 ]

Well Sweet-a-Fayre had another bumper year, December came and went in a blur of Weddings, Parties, Corporate Events, Midnight Snacks along with fitting our own Christams Plans in.

Many thanks to everyone we met throughout the year, we can honestly say it has been a pleasure and we have certainly met some people on our 2016 journey that have become friends for life.  We cannot wait to see what 2018 brings.

Sweet-a-Fayre Wedding Bookings

posted 23 Feb 2012, 15:35 by Louise Fletcher   [ updated 14 Apr 2018, 05:06 ]

Well with 2018 well under way, it looks like 2019 will be just as busy.  We have a wonderful support network of fellow Wedding Suppliers, Hotels and Venues and not to mention past and present Wedding Couples who help build our reputation.....thank you everyone and we couldn't of done it without you all.
We look forward to hearing from any more potential bookings, we will tailor our services to suit your needs.

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